The following steps can help you realise better cooling from your Air Cooler:

  • Ensure that you have switched to Cooling mode.
  • Ensure there is sufficient water in the tank.
  • Keep windows or doors open for cross-ventilation.
  • We recommend replacing the pads every year by registering a request on our Customer Care Helpline: +91 9814722988


Preventive Maintenance

To keep your Air Cooler in top condition, please check the following:

  • Motor and pump oiling.
  • Cleaning of water tank against scaling.
  • Cleaning of water distribution pipe / channels for even distribution of water on all sides.
  • Checking for any loose connections in internal electrical components. Cleaning of the submersible pump impeller and other parts for proper water flow.
  • Cleaning of internal / external parts of the cooler body.