• How does an air cooler work?

    An air cooler works by introducing moisture into the air and lowering its temperature. The air cooler takes in dry air, moistens it with water vapour, and releases cooled air into the room. This form of cooling is cheaper and more energy-efficient than traditional refrigeration techniques.

  • How is an air cooler different from a standard fan?

    A standard ceiling fan rotates to increase circulation of air within a room so that the perspiration on your skin can evaporate more quickly. However, the cooling effect is limited. Fans cannot operate in closed environments and in regions where air velocity exceeds 6.4 kilometres an hour. If ambient temperatures are above the body’s natural temperature (37℃), a rotating fan will heat up the body instead of cooling it.
    Air coolers, on the other hand, have a tangible cooling effect on the ambient air. By introducing moisture into the air and circulating it effectively, a Samrat air cooler can lower the room temperature significantly. While a circulating fan only affects skin perceptible temperature, an air cooler can lower indoor temperature by nearly 5℃. Air coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling, which is a more reliable and consistent technique than circulation. Air coolers are also a lot quieter than standard fans.

  • Do air coolers require a lot of electricity to run?

    Air cooling is the most energy-efficient cooling technology available.  A 1.5-ton split air conditioning unit can consume 2200 watts an hour where as an air cooler consumes nearly 1/10th of a traditional air conditioner. 
    Although the energy consumption of air cooler is bit higher than a ceiling fan but the area and cool comfort compensate the same. The cooling effect is considerably different from that of a ceiling fan .Air coolers can cover a larger area, actually cool the air, and work noiselessly.

  • What are honeycomb cooling pads and how are they different from conventional wood wool pads?

    The honeycomb cooling pads are more durable and also provide uniform cooling. Moreover, they do not allow dirt & sediments to deposit on the pads. Hence, it gives cool & fresh air.

  • Why does evaporation cause lower temperature?

    The temperature of dry air can drop significantly when liquid water transforms to water vapor (through evaporation. Water always has lesser temperature than air called dew point temperature. So, water evaporates by taking heat energy from warmer air which mixes with it & hence it results in temperature drop.

  • What is honeycomb?

    Honeycomb evaporative cooling pads in an air cooler are the special medium which hold the water for the air to pass through. The design of these pads resemble a honeycomb structure, thus the name. They give faster cooling, more durability and better efficiency as compared to the conventional Wood wool cooling pads. The honeycomb pad is made from an engineered thick cellulose paper which is chemically treated to resist deterioration, thus providing longer usage life. The cross fluted, unequal angle pad design is for the mixing of air and water for optimum cooling.